30 Days TV Poster Image

In each episode, a mostly average American agrees to live outside his or her comfort zone for a month. Tackles controversial topics such as illegal immigration, abortion, poverty, religion, and sexuality. Mature, thought-provoking reality TV.

ER TV Poster Image

Excellent and intense medical drama based in the emergency room of a busy Chicago hospital. Graphic situations and mature story lines; the show's impeccable writing and memorable characters made it a mainstay on NBC for a decade.

The Good Wife TV Poster Image

Sets itself apart from other legal dramas with its backdrop of real-life political/sex scandals. Told from female lead's point of view in a strong, positive voice, representing real political wives who stand by their husbands but aren't often heard from.

Grey's Anatomy TV Poster Image

A hospital-set dramedy that follows the lives of five interns as they adjust to their new surroundings. Biggest draw is its complex characters whose stories deepen over time and one character's cunning wit and side-splitting dialogue.

Law & Order TV Poster Image

Part police procedural, part courtroom drama that gets its story inspiration from real crimes. The show's "ripped from the headlines" mantra makes for engaging -- but fictional -- drama. Key to the series' success is its first-rate cast.


Common Sense Tips

  • When shows present moral and ethical dilemmas, use them to probe how your teen views the world.
  • Thought-provoking tales can prompt conversations such as, "what would you do in the character's shoes?" and "did you agree with the movie's perspective?"