Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Poster Image

Cult series about a tough blond vampire slayer constrasts the bright, mundane world of high school with the menacing, shadowy world of vampires. Can be gruesome and disturbing, but clever writing and an appealing cast make it eminently watchable.

Sherlock TV Poster Image

Excellent adaptation set in modern-day London. Holmes and Watson use technology, including GPS, text messages, and emails, to solve cases involving serial killers, espionage, and bombings. The writing is smart, and there's plenty of witty repartee.

Twin Peaks TV Poster Image

A quirky FBI agent investigates a small-town murder in a series that explores morality and identity in a fresh and original way. May be disturbing for many teens, but complicated subplots, excellent scripts, and impressive acting made this a cult hit.

Alias TV Poster Image

Entertaining, exciting series about a female double agent. The life of this strong, independent role model is a series of double-crosses and revelations. A uniquely well-written, well-acted drama with more psychological depth than most TV shows.

Veronica Mars TV Poster Image

A smart, plucky, independent teen detective stands up for victims in tense situations involving murder, greed, infidelity, gang violence, and date rape. Witty dialogue, unique direction, and exceptional acting in this unpredictable neo-noir.


Common Sense Tips

  • Thrillers can be complicated. Occasionally, pause the show and check in to see if you and your teen agree on the plot details.
  • Talk about red herrings. What techniques are used to throw viewers off the trail?