Doozers TV Poster Image

Young engineers in training solve problems through teamwork, sharing ideas, and trial and error. Stories incorporate basic math skills, science know-how, logical thinking, engineering concepts, environmental awareness, and safety reminders.

Mike the Knight TV Poster Image

Colorful, imaginative depiction of medieval times, with positive themes of responsibility, loyalty, and friendship. Mike is impetuous, independent, and exuberant, often leading to mishaps, but thoughtful problem-solving and help from his friends save the day.

The Smurfs TV Poster Image

Classic animated series about blue gnome-like creatures promotes community and togetherness. Kids will enjoy the positive, albeit simplistic, story lines as well as the sweet, funny characters and their kind acts of sharing and teamwork.

DuckTales TV Poster Image

Quality stories with classic Disney characters on wild adventures in far-flung places. Kids learn basic concepts of geography, diverse world cultures, history, and mythology; each story touches on positive messages about kindness and philanthropy.

Inspector Gadget TV Poster Image

Classic cartoon about a bumbling detective equipped with mechanical appendages and bionic tools who's engaged in an ongoing battle with his nemesis, Dr. Claw. Positive messages about safety and responsibility. Fun change of pace from violent hero types.


Common Sense Tips

  • Don't obsess over screen limits. Find a balance of activities, reading, and downtime that suits your family.
  • Avoid shows right before bed. Or choose quiet, calm ones.