Sesame Street TV Poster Image

Classic series has superb educational content, supporting early skills in literacy, math, and science. Exposes kids to a variety of cultures through music, dance, and language. Can deal with strong emotions, but messages are always positive and self-affirming.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood TV Poster Image

Classic series gently promotes social skills, imagination, social responsibility, respect, and self-esteem. Uses music, make-believe, and everyday tasks to illustrate kid-friendly themes like honesty, overcoming fears, and being a good friend.

Peep and the Big Wide World TV Poster Image

Preschoolers learn science with a pinch of humor in two stories per episode, each focusing on a problem that needs to be solved with science. It's so friendly and funny kids won't realize they're learning. Cartoons are followed by filmed segments with real kids.

Peg + Cat TV Poster Image

A spunky girl teaches foundational math skills in a creative and exciting way. Characters count, sort, and group, finding solutions to everyday problems. Stories often illustrate concepts like superlatives, ordinal numbers, rhyming, and musical rhythm.

Reading Rainbow TV Poster Image

Host and executive producer LeVar Burton encourages kids to read, and documentary-style investigations explore a wide range of topics, such as the United Nations' children's initiatives, holidays celebrated by other cultures, and worker's rights.


Common Sense Tips

  • Co-view when you can and talk about the show when it's over.
  • Shows with short episodes are ideal for preschool attention spans.