Timmy Time TV Poster Image

A mischievous young lamb is always trying to fix the trouble he's in with friends and nursery school teachers. Each dialogue-free 10-minute story is packed with social lessons about responsibility, good sportsmanship, and fair play. Perfect for preschoolers.

Busytown Mysteries TV Poster Image

Preschool series stars the characters of Richard Scarry's beloved children's books. As the young characters solve mysteries, they encourage kids to think critically about the world and introduces them to basic scientific concepts like making observations, analyzing evidence, and testing theories.

Clangers TV Poster Image

Reinvention of popular British series about a family of mice-like aliens and their eclectic neighbors. Characters communicate through whistles and squeaks; each story has a message, usually dealing with how the compassionate characters relate to and help each other.

Clifford the Big Red Dog TV Poster Image

Kids are often magnetically drawn to stories about Clifford, because he's the magical pet every kid wishes for. The program is chock-full of positive lessons and likable characters as well as educational messages on social, emotional, and physical matters.

Curious George TV Poster Image

The world's most famous monkey is notorious for an insatiable curiosity that almost invariably gets him into trouble. His infectious enthusiasm not only amuses tots but also introduces them to math, science, and engineering concepts.


Common Sense Tips

  • Preschoolers can become very attached to TV characters they like. Don't worry, it's a phase!
  • After a favorite show, extend learning by doing a related activity.