MacGyver TV Poster Image

Ex-secret agent uses investigative skills and gadgets to ferret out bad guys. Although he sometimes has to fight, MacGyver is a clever hero who prefers to use his smarts to defeat his opponents, relying on creativity, ingenuity, and science.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV Poster Image

Follows the evolution of Clark Kent into the famed caped crusader and his developing relationship with his crush, Lois Lane. A little campy, thanks to some corny plots, but overall an enjoyable blend of humor, drama, and romance. Great cast and writing.

Murder, She Wrote TV Poster Image

In each episode, a successful, self-confident mystery writer stumbles onto the scene of yet another murder in need of a determined gumshoe. The action is slow, and foot chases are rare, but this is a family-friendly choice with an endearing heroine.

Andi Mack TV Poster Image

Tackling big and small issues in a newly minted teen's life with humor and charm, this sweet and sometimes serious series is as appealing to parents almost as much as it is to kids.


Common Sense Tips

  • If your tween is interested in a teen show, first check reviews, preview it, and consider offering to watch it together.
  • Dramas and action shows often depict characters fighting the odds. Discuss how qualities such as persistence and resilience can help you overcome obstacles.