Eerie, Indiana TV Poster Image

A teen investigates strange happenings in his new hometown of Eerie, Indiana, finding mysteries everywhere he turns. The '90s show's clean content, humorous undertones, and comical pop-culture references make it a great pick for families.

Jim Henson's The Storyteller TV Poster Image

One of the finest kids' shows ever made. Based on classic fairy tales, it uses live actors and animatronic puppets. Every aspect of production is superior. Truly excellent viewing for kids who can handle darker fare; tales have gory endings and harsh lessons.

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre TV Poster Image

Accomplished actors tackle adaptations of well-known fairy tales. Some deal with threatening themes, and weapons are visible. Still, many offer lessons about positive traits, such as honesty and humility. Every story is different; know your kid.

Star Trek: The Next Generation TV Poster Image

This entry in the Star Trek franchise differs from the original, as it focuses more on pure entertainment than social commentary. It's still plenty of fun; the special effects are a vast improvement, and many episodes try to make a larger point.

Star Trek: The Original Series TV Poster Image

Behind the adventurous story lines of space travel and aliens is social commentary on racism, sexism, politics, and the fear that machines might one day rule the world. Core idea is that humans are complex, and dilemmas often have no right answer.


Common Sense Tips

  • Use positive role models – including athletes, actors, and family members – to reinforce messages you agree with.
  • Ask your tween questions about favorite shows, such as, "how is the show similar or different from real life?"