Bill Nye the Science Guy TV Poster Image

Fantastically fun classic teaches biodiversity, magnetism, and outer space. Renowned scientist Bill Nye mixes humor, action, and quality content in fast-paced episodes that look at each subject from many angles. Geared toward tweens but fun for any age.

Kid President: Declaration of Awesome TV Poster Image

Viral sensation Robby Novak shot to fame with his YouTube shorts of him musing on life. The show stays true to his messages of empowerment, spotlighting average people (oftentimes kids) taking simple steps to change their communities for the better.

Nature TV Poster Image

Beautifully filmed documentaries shot all over the world teach about biology, geology, and meteorology. Viewers will gain a sense of nature's diversity and why it's important to protect it. Some images of natural disasters and animals being killed.

SciGirls TV Poster Image

Real tween girls on exciting series use science prowess to explore, and sometimes change, the world in traditionally male fields like engineering and technology. Strong messages about conflict resolution, teamwork, and respect for differences.

The Amazing Race TV Poster Image

In this fast-paced series, teams of two race around the world performing tasks of physical and mental skill and aiming for a $1 million prize. Viewers get a taste of foreign cultures and the positive and negative aspects of competition.


Common Sense Tips

  • When TV characters do something you agree with (or don't!), discuss the behavior.
  • Help your tween view commercials critically by asking, "who made that ad?" and "why did they make it?"