Animal Farm Book Poster Image

George Orwell's satirical allegory about a farm animal revolution that leads to tyranny is both a cautionary tale that's prime for discussion and a fascinating story, incisively told.

Fahrenheit 451 Book Poster Image

This National Book Award winner by Ray Bradbury depicts a future in which books are prohibited and the populace is placated with cheap, shallow entertainment. This novel is timeless, entertaining, and a powerful commentary.

Jane Eyre Book Poster Image

Charlotte Bronte's classic romantic novel is one of the greatest works of English fiction. Jane's independence, fortitude, and intelligence make her one of literature's strongest female characters, and Jane and Rochester's love is one for the ages.

Brave New World Book Poster Image

Aldous Huxley satirized a future society completely given over to pleasure and consumerism. This humorous, chilling sci-fi story is as relevant today as when it was published in 1931.

Emma Book Poster Image

Jane Austen's beloved 19th century novel Emma endures over time because, despite some dated manners and ideas, its romantic story and charming characters remain endlessly entertaining. Full of plot twists and comic confusion, it's one of Austen's most enjoyable books.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Model reader behavior: Always have something to read, take books on vacation, and even read in a long line to avoid boredom.
  • Try introducing your kids to books you loved as a kid, and see which ones click.
  • Getting teens to talk about what they're reading helps them develop analytical skills -- and gives you a glimpse into how they're thinking and feeling.