Guess How Much I Love You Book Poster Image

A young rabbit and his father answer the timeless question of "How do I love thee?" with handstands, hops, and more in this heartwarming tale. The combination of this picture book's moving text and winsome illustrations is simply enchanting.

Make Way for Ducklings Book Poster Image

Like all families, the Mallards need a safe home to raise their kids. Generations of children have loved this reassuring story -- and delighted when humans join in to protect the little ducks as they journey through Boston to meet their dad.

Red Sled Book Poster Image

This fun book about animals taking a sled for a joy ride is wordless except for spelling out sounds like "scrunch" and "hmmm." The illustrations are bright and engaging, and the animals' freewheeling delight is infectious.

The Runaway Bunny Book Poster Image

Gorgeous, imaginative illustrations capture young kids' attention as you read them this poignant story about a little bunny who learns that his mother's love will follow him wherever he goes, from the highest mountain to a beautiful garden.

Where the Wild Things Are Book Poster Image

With enchanting, whimsical, and unique artwork, this children's classic stirs the imagination with lively and monstrous rumpus-ing. Kids will find the ending, with its "still hot" dinner, a reassuring sign of unconditional love.


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Common Sense Tips

  • "Again, again!" You may have to read your kid's favorite a hundred times, but repetition builds comprehension.
  • So long as your electronic stories are mostly words (and not animation), it's fine to use them instead of printed books.