Grim Fandango Remastered App Poster Image

Manny Calavera helps souls on their journey to the afterlife. Then he falls in love and discovers a conspiracy against him. An update, though direct port, of the top-notch classic adventure game with high-resolution graphics and new music.

Lifeline... App Poster Image

Dramatic story unfolds over several days; played on an Apple Watch or other iOS device, so kids will feel like they're talking to a real astronaut, helping make life-or-death decisions. Excellent writing brings Taylor's voice and personality to life.

Marvel Contest of Champions App Poster Image

Story just an excuse to get superheroes and supervillains to fight, pitting characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Iron Man against Ultron, Yellowjacket, and Magneto. For comic book fans not looking for depth or complexity, a good choice.

Spotify Music App Poster Image

Browse by category -- blues to heavy metal, hip-hop to gospel -- or top chart rankings; search by song or album title or artist. Mix it up with radio stations, and "favorite" songs; share favorites or playlists with friends. Music selection is unbeatable.

Zombies, Run! App Poster Image

Players become "Runner 5" in a postapocalyptic world, running from zombies and collecting supplies. Story unfolds in episodes interspersed with the runner's own music playlist. A creative, adrenaline-pumping way to entertain and motivate during a run.

Common Sense Tips

Common Sense Tip

  • Many apps come in a "lite" version with ads or in-app purchases that aren't in the full version. It may be worth it to spend the money to have an ad-free experience.