Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Game Poster Image

Famous historical and fictional characters fight aliens in an alternate-history steampunk version of 19th-century England and the U.S. in this turn-based strategy game. An unusual blend of considered tactics and real-time action; plenty of fun.

Grim Fandango Remastered Game Poster Image

Charming, updated version of classic point-and-click adventure retains original story, characters, and puzzles; blends Mexican folklore, Aztec art, film noir, and art deco. With refreshed visuals and sound. Fans of slower-paced adventures will love.

Magicka 2 Game Poster Image

In this ridiculously fun, over-the-top action RPG, you mix and match elements to create everything from ice shields to laser beams to fireballs, all to rescue a child of prophecy and fight the forces of evil. A game best shared with friends; a blast to play.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game Poster Image

Players team up to destroy large fantasy creatures -- dinosaurs, enormous monsters, sea creatures -- using swords, lances, guns, bombs, and magical strikes. A surprising amount of depth to keep players busy for a long time. Impressive graphics.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Game Poster Image

You're an undead warrior roaming the dangerous lands of Drangleic, fighting all kinds of foes. Challenging new edition even more engaging, with improved graphics and performance, new enemy and item placement, smarter AI, and other enhancements.


Common Sense Tips

Common Sense Tip

  • The manual that comes with a new gaming console may cover the basics, but managing how your kids use it -- and what kinds of games they play -- is up to you.