Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Poster Image

A prime-time follow-up to the movie The Avengers; difficult to jump in without having seen the film, as it's an entirely new story based on new characters. A thrilling ride with rapid-fire, often comical dialogue and huge action sequences.

The X-Files TV Poster Image

A pair of FBI agents investigates cases that involve the paranormal. Dark, often-scary episodes creepy and intriguing; show revolves around a mythology of government conspiracies and cover-ups related to extraterrestrials. For superfans, a brand-new season began Jan. 2015.

Gilmore Girls TV Poster Image

A single mother and her daughter run an inn in a fictional Connecticut town. The intelligent, well-written show features strong female leads and a diverse cast. Chock-full of pop culture and literary references; material is exceptionally clever.

iZombie TV Poster Image

A teen-oriented detective show that just happens to have a zombie protagonist. The quirky police-procedural formula combines good writing, well-placed humor, and, of course, zombie creepiness to make this unconventional show entertaining and lively.

Parks and Recreation TV Poster Image

An unseen camera crew documents an idealistic parks and rec official trying to improve her community. First season is roll-on-the-floor hilarious; gets even better once audiences get more familiar with the characters and embrace their quirks and foibles. Box set available.

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