MLB 15: The Show Game Poster Image

A handful of improvements make an already great game even better. This award-winning baseball franchise sports fluid animation and near photorealistic graphics, such as real-time sun and shadows, realistic-looking crowds, and revamped nighttime lighting.

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition Game Poster Image

Two match-3 games in one, with nearly identical puzzle play. One has a fantasy theme with quests and chats with other characters; the other looks like a Mario game, with dozens of iconic characters and items. Surprisingly strategic and wonderfully empowering.

Ori and the Blind Forest Game Poster Image

Accompanied by a tiny white spirit, catlike hero Ori sets off to defeat the encroaching darkness and restore the forest to its life-nourishing splendor. Gorgeous, gratifying, and emotional, with a wonderfully intuitive interface. Movement is an absolute joy.

Disney Infinity: Star Wars Starter Pack (3.0 Edition) Game Poster Image

Finally the Disney Infinity we were promised: Play Set has a dizzying amount of things to do and see, planets and star systems, and the feeling we aren't trapped in a linear experience; and Toy Box has tutorials for almost anything you'd want to do.

King's Quest Game Poster Image

Graham is bent on adventure, but famous kingdom Daventry isn't all he'd hoped for. A reboot of the beloved classic games, with storybook-worthy graphics and amusing dialogue from an incredible vocal cast. A strong blend of exploration, action, and puzzles.


Common Sense Tips

Common Sense Tip

  • Tired of stuff? Consider a gift exchange in which each family member buys for only one other person -- or ask for activities (like a trip to the zoo) or services (a snazzy haircut) instead of gadgets.