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Each week Camp Google offers a new adventure, on topics such as space or the ocean. Kids collect badges for completing three related activities, designed by Google engineers, National Geographic Kids, NASA, and other organizations. Fights summer brain drain.

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A clever, creative, and fun five-week program starting June 22. Kids complete weekly math and reading challenges, collect clues, and submit one guess every 24 hours as to the location of a buried treasure: a key to a safe-deposit box with a $10,000 scholarship.

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The online component to National Geographic Kids magazine features educational games, high-quality videos, and other activities, centered mostly on animals and the natural world. Kids also can get a virtual tour of different countries, featuring fun facts.

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In a magical land, a bad gorilla has stolen the Code Monkey's bananas. Users learn to write simple code phrases to guide the monkey to his missing fruit. Stands out with cheerful graphics, carefully constructed puzzles, and thoughtful puzzle sequences.

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Kids choose from over 5,000 math problems, or "bops," organized by Common Core standard. Each bop is essentially a multiple-choice problem, but some are more interactive. Does an admirable job of simulating a personal tutor with a detailed, gentle system.

Common Sense Tips

Common Sense Tip

  • Creative websites let kids make cool projects -- videos, scrapbooks, comic books, animations, storybooks, and much more -- as they learn new technology and hone existing skills.