The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Movie Poster Image

The whole family will enjoy this gorgeously animated retelling of a 10th-century Japanese fable. Serious themes and moments of heartbreak but also strong messages about what kids need to thrive and how striving for social status will leave you dissatisfied.

Zarafa Movie Poster Image

Maki, an orphaned African boy, takes a sometimes difficult journey to find his place in the world and to protect a young giraffe for whom he feels responsible. Filled with funny moments, offbeat and interesting characters, and a bounty of exotic settings.

McFarland, USA Movie Poster Image

Based on a true story, this inspiring drama about a Mexican-American cross-country team has positive messages about teamwork, cooperation, and community. The portrayal of the boys and their hardworking, loving families is nuanced and uplifting.

Paper Planes Movie Poster Image

Dylan could compete in the world championship of paper-plane making, if he could just rally his dad, who's still grieving over the death of Dylan's mom. Beautifully shot in Australia and Tokyo, this film offers strong positive modeling on competition and creativity, friendship, bullying, and sportsmanship.

Ant-Man Movie Poster Image

The Marvel Universe's tiny but fierce hero is its funniest. Just-released prisoner Scott is recruited to be Ant-Man, a superhero who can shrink to the size of an ant and communicate with insects. With exciting action sequences and witty dialogue.


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