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Teens can learn how to engage with their peers on a range of age-appropriate topics, including bullying, entertainment, sports, sarcasm, relationships, and school. This can be a good tool for kids with ASD.

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Kids can learn about the essentials of email, Twitter, and other online communication tools with these simple and engaging tutorials. Have them check out Email Basics and Twitter101 to learn about online communication.

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This online social network for tweens and teens is a great way for kids to make friends and practice communication skills in a safe environment. Parents are notified when kids join; staff moderators approve the photos, videos, and articles that kids post.

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Kids can use color coding, text, drawings, and images to individualize graphic organizers. This easy-to-use app can help kids with executive-functioning issues and other learning differences.

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Kids can send emails using only their voice and a few simple taps -- they don't have to type a word. Kids speak their messages, and their words are turned into text. This could be great tool for kids who have difficulty with typing or writing.

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Power Tip

  • Accept any way that kids communicate, and focus on what they have to say. Encourage older kids and teens to use tools like email, Twitter, and Kidzworld to reach out to others.