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Silly sentences such as "The kind-hearted stranger greeted a frantic cactus" can help kids learn more about English. This fun app is a way for kids with dyslexia and cognitive disabilities to learn about grammar and vocabulary.

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Speech with Milo is a delightful way to learn how to speak phrases and tell stories. Kids record their own stories and hear them played back. They can touch a character or object to see it move or make a sound as they interact with this upbeat story about helpfulness and friendship.

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Kids who aren't able to speak or who have limited speech can convey simple messages about what they want, how they're feeling, and more with this verbal-assist tool. Kids tap pictures, and the app speaks for them. This app is specifically designed for kids who have communication challenges.

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Kids with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities can hear documents and emails read out loud, boosting their independence as they navigate the computer.


Just like the original Toontastic, this newer version lets kids tell an animated story. With lots of characters, settings, and cool features like adding music, kids can flex their creative muscles.

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Power Tip

  • Describe what’s happening during daily routines and activities. Use apps such as Fotobabble and Speech with Milo to reinforce communication skills.