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Create personal social stories using photos and your own voice to help kids on the autism spectrum with transitions or as a behavioral strategy.

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Tapping "buttons" that represent words, kids can string together whole sentences. This is great for kids who have basic or severe speech challenges. Kids, parents, and teachers can also add their own photos and images to create icons, edit existing buttons, move them, or search by keyword.

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QuestionIt  Poster Image

This intriguing app can help kids understand how to answer "wh" questions. It's designed to help kids with autism and language issues develop and strengthen language concepts.

Rainbow Sentences  Poster Image

This clean, straightforward app uses color coding and visual cues to help kids improve their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences. It can be great for kids with dyslexia and cognitive disabilities.

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Kids create interactive stories and learn to understand spoken language. They can even create scenes using either in-app images or their own. Try combining scenes and images into books that speak the text, or change sound, voice, and playback speed options to match kids' learning needs.



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Power Tip

  • Encourage kids to point to pictures in SoundingBoard. As they connect images with audio, they build better understanding of the words.