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For kids who have difficulty speaking, parents and teachers can create an unlimited number of custom picture card sets with image, text, and audio. Kids tap on the relevant card, and the app speaks for them. This app is specifically designed for kids who have fine motor challenges.

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Speech with Milo: Sequencing  Poster Image

Milo and his friend Melvin help kids learn basic sequencing and storytelling skills. Kids put sentences of a scrambled story in order and see the story animate when they answer correctly. Customize options for kids who need extra support by turning on hints and audio narration.

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Kids can learn how to answer who, what, when, why, and where questions after reading short stories on this innovative app. It can be a great tool for kids with dyslexia, autism, and cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

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This creative app for making an audio-enabled photo album can be an innovative way for nonverbal kids and children with autism to develop visual schedules and storyboards.



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Power Tip

  • Encourage kids to point to pictures in SoundingBoard. As they connect images with audio, they build better understanding of the words.