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Jake's Never Land Pirate School  Poster Image
This product is no longer available

Early learners practice tracing shapes, counting, and following directions. Kids can tap out pirate drumbeats or use a spyglass to discover treasure as they learn basic math skills. Fit kids' photos into a cartoon pirate body to personalize the game.

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Jungle Coins - learn coin math  Poster Image

Kids can learn about money using a fun and interactive format. Choose from five levels or customize your own for kids with dyscalculia or an intellectual disability. Turn on voice options for kids who need to hear directions.

Jungle Time - learn how to tell time (for iPad)  Poster Image

This interactive time-telling app uses both analog and digital formats and has five levels for individual progress. Kids with dyscalculia or other learning difficulties can benefit.

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game  Poster Image

Kids practice math facts in a fun, fast-paced arcade game. Depending on a child's skill level, this app may help boost speed and accuracy for kids with dyscalculia.

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Montessori Numbers for Kids  Poster Image

The Montessori method encourages kids to play with objects to build an understanding of math concepts. Montessori Numbers translates this method to the digital world, using blocks and number rods to help kids learn counting and quantity. It exposes kids to math in a meaningful way.

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Power Tip

  • The new skills that kids learn with tools like Montessori Numbers or Jake’s Never Land Pirate School can transfer to everyday activities. Help kids make these connections by creating opportunities to practice in the real world.