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Motion Math: Hungry Guppy  Poster Image

Kids will enjoy the fun graphics while learning number recognition and how to add simple numbers. This delightful early learning math app can be good for kids with dyscalculia and intellectual disabilities.

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Preschool and Kindergarten Splash Math Workbook Games  Poster Image

A friendly hippo guides kids through a kindergarten math curriculum. The app uses visual and auditory cues, and parents can set individual goals. This is a great app for kids who have dyscalculia, intellectual disabilities, and cognitive disabilities.

RelationShapes  Poster Image

Similar to tangrams, this app asks kids to re-create pictures using a variety of shapes, which can increase spatial skills. To exercise their creativity, they can also create their own pictures!

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SoGaBee's Math Facts Fun: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division  Poster Image

Great customization options let kids practice with multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank math problems, and you can set the skill level. This app can be helpful for kids with dyscalculia and cognitive disabilities.

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Teachley: Addimal Adventure  Poster Image

Visual cues in this beautifully designed addition app guide kids as they add single-digit numbers. Kids with dyscalculia and intellectual disabilities can benefit.



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Power Tip

  • The new skills that kids learn with tools like Montessori Numbers or Jake’s Never Land Pirate School can transfer to everyday activities. Help kids make these connections by creating opportunities to practice in the real world.