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Crazy Formula  Poster Image

Make the formula pass through all the lab tubes until it gets to its final destination. To get it there, kids have to align all the lab tubes in the correct position. Kids will find this an engaging way to practice fine motor and visual skills for writing and hand control.

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Kids learn about sports and healthy movement and practice motor skills in this polished collection of quick sports simulations. They'll become better acquainted with rules, strategies, and techniques as they perform movements that imitate those of actual athletes.

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TapTyping - Typing Trainer  Poster Image

Increasing keyboard skills can build confidence and independence, and kids can learn how to type independently with this ingenious tool. A special heat map shows them what keys they may be struggling with. This can be especially useful for kids with dysgraphia.

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Tiny Fish  Poster Image
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In this cartoon action game, kids tilt the device in order to guide the fish and survive. Tiny Fish must escape from the toxic ocean, eat cookies, and avoid looming predators like the urchin fish. Just try to survive in these lethal waters! A great game for improving two-hand coordination.

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The Toymaker  Poster Image

Kids develop cutting, pasting, and coloring skills as they learn to make paper toys to use in imaginative play. Instructions to fold, cut, and glue the free, beautifully decorated paper designs help kids use their fine motor skills in creative and innovative ways.


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Power Tip

  • The best way to practice fine motor skills is to use them in real life activities. Help kids label their own clothes, books, and games while they practice their writing skills.