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Active Life: Magical Carnival  Poster Image

You’ll tame lions and walk tightropes under a circus big top; you'll ride broomsticks and chase ghosts in a wizard's castle. Games are played with the Wii remote and the Active Life floor pad. Move and exercise while keeping your mind sharp with thinking games.

Nintendo Wii
Awesome Xylophone  Poster Image

Tap out tunes like "Happy Birthday" or make up a new song. Playing on this xylophone is a great way for kids with motor challenges to learn fine motor skills like tapping a target and using their non-dominant hand. They can also develop writing skills by practicing hand and finger movements.

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Bugs and Buttons 2  Poster Image

Fun games help kids practice their pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination, touch-and-drag motion, and more. Kids with dyspraxia and other fine motor issues may benefit, as games are designed by level, which helps them complete one-step motor tasks.

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Dexteria Dots - Get in Touch with Math  Poster Image

This exceptional math app can be great for young kids who may be dysgraphic or have fine motor difficulty. The hand and finger exercises, along with fun animation and music, can help kids with a wide range of abilities build math skills and improve fluency.

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Dexteria Jr.  Poster Image

Using games can help kids develop fine motor coordination in their hands and fingers, which aids handwriting readiness. The app's progress tracking is a helpful feature for parents and other adults working with kids.

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Power Tip

  • Early fine motor skills like writing letters and drawing require that kids use their hands and eyes together. Help kids learn hand-eye coordination by playing games like Jake’s Never Land Pirate School and I Spy.