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Dexteria VMI Visual-Motor Integration Skills  Poster Image

With a sharp, uncluttered interface, this app allows kids to practice visual-spatial relationships by matching or making colored shape patterns. As levels progress, kids also exercise working memory skills.

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Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity  Poster Image

This creative app uses food, candy, toys, and more to increase self-expression and imagination. It's an appealing way for nonverbal kids to express themselves.

iTrace - handwriting for kids  Poster Image

Looking for a way to practice letter writing? Tracing can help kids with dysgraphia, visual spatial-relation issues, and fine motor issues. The app includes fun rewards and animations to encourage kids to keep progressing.

iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)  Poster Image

Learning to write numbers, letters, and basic words with technology can help kids who struggle with penmanship. By following Mr. Crab, kids see step by step how to write each letter or number. Kids can also learn letters' names as each letter, number, or word is said aloud.

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Jake's Never Land Pirate School  Poster Image
This product is no longer available

Early learners practice using their fingers and hands as they trace shapes, count, and follow directions. They can also tap out pirate drumbeats or use a spyglass to discover treasure while learning basic math skills. Fit kids' photos into a cartoon pirate body to personalize the game.

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  • Early fine motor skills like writing letters and drawing require that kids use their hands and eyes together. Help kids learn hand-eye coordination by playing games like Jake’s Never Land Pirate School and I Spy.