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LetterSchool  Poster Image

This visually stimulating letter-tracing app can be a good beginning tool for kids with dysgraphia. Kids will enjoy watching the animation for each letter, which may help them remember the correct formation.

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Touch and Write Phonics  Poster Image

This engaging, interactive app uses a multisensory approach for phonics learning. It can be a great tool for kids with dyslexia and cognitive disabilities.

Tozzle - Toddler's favorite puzzle  Poster Image

Assembling jigsaw puzzles by matching colors and shapes can be a great way to help kids coordinate their hands. In some, kids hear letters read aloud when they put pieces in the right place. Puzzles have a range of levels and options to customize.

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Writing Wizard for Kids  Poster Image

This practice tool helps resolve tracing frustration with clear instructions and surprising, rewarding fun. Parents can customize font size and create custom words, and audio and visual prompts help keep kids on task. It's a good tool for kids with dysgraphia.

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RelationShapes  Poster Image

Similar to tangrams, this app asks kids to re-create pictures using a variety of shapes, which can increase spatial skills. To exercise their creativity, they can also create their own pictures!

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Power Tip

  • Early fine motor skills like writing letters and drawing require that kids use their hands and eyes together. Help kids learn hand-eye coordination by playing games like Jake’s Never Land Pirate School and I Spy.