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To help bring order to the potentially chaotic life of a teenager, you can introduce this multifeatured app. Because it can sync across devices and even link with Amazon's Alexa, a teen can get organizational support in lots of forms.

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Completing projects like these fun activities and crafts is a step toward developing sound routines and organizational skills. Kids can also learn how to write checks and balance a checkbook -- a great help for older kids who want to develop real-life skills.

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With a gamified approach, this interactive to-do list makes completing tasks more fun, though it's best used with adult supervision. Kids choose avatars, earn loot, and level up just by finishing assignments and chores.

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This is a fantastic app for older kids who need help with executive-functioning skills. Simply set up notebooks for every subject, and you can access them from your phone, tablet, or computer. The speak-and-read feature not only reads text but also highlights it.

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Using a growing tree as a visual prompt, this app helps kids avoid distraction on their devices. Kids can block specific apps, or parents can use it as a motivating timer to keep kids on task.

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  • Kids are used to schedules packed with appointments, routines, and chores. Use My Video Schedule to sprinkle in more leisure activities like dancing, drawing, or baking a cake.