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A platform for kids who need help with executive functioning to explore topics such as schedules, waiting, and feelings. It uses pictures, checklists, storyboards, and more and comes loaded with one board for each topic, but it's infinitely customizable.

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Daniel Tiger's Day and Night  Poster Image

Kids who struggle with transitions can learn about routines with a friendly PBS pal. The app also is helpful for kids who have trouble staying on task. The musical timer can encourage kids to complete a task such as brushing teeth.

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Looking up the weather and dressing accordingly can help kids build independence in everyday routines. This terrific tool uses the Internet to search for local weather conditions and suggests what kids should wear. Kids can even upload photos of their own clothes.

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iTouchiLearn Life Skills: Morning Routines for Preschool Kids  Poster Image

Kids can learn to think about routines and get ready for school more independently. Seven animated scenes walk kids through various tasks, from waking up to packing a school bag. They can review each routine and follow along. Now you have a way to motivate reluctant kids to get going in the morning!

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Jungle Time - learn how to tell time (for iPad)  Poster Image

This interactive time-telling app uses both analog and digital formats and has five levels for individual progress. Kids with dyscalculia or other learning difficulties can benefit.



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  • Ask kids who like LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Pet Pals 2: Best of Friends! to help care for family pets. Emphasize that family pet care is a team effort, and give kids age-appropriate tasks.