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Audionote - Notepad and Voice Recorder  Poster Image

All-in-one note-taking system complex but helpful for kids with audio processing delays. Kids can record lectures or discussion, manually enter notes (typed or drawn), and upload presentation backgrounds and slides, which they can annotate.

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Bear in Mind App: To Do list, reminder, tasks  Poster Image

If you find yourself nagging and reminding all the time, this app might help put the responsibility where it belongs: with the kid. With reminders, lists, and alarms, this app can help your kid stay on task or work through some to-dos with less hassle.

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Choiceworks Calendar  Poster Image

A visual learning tool to help kids understand and organize their time. Can count down days toward a special event or keep track of daily activities. Helps kids who have anxiety about transitions and executive functioning issues.

Chore Pad  Poster Image

Seeing their schedule laid out in advance can help kids who have trouble thinking ahead. Use this helpful app, which can also provide pictures to reinforce organization, as an electronic weekly scheduler. Kids can see the entire day or part of the day and check off tasks as they're done.

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Cooking Mama 3: Chop & Shop  Poster Image

This collection of cooking-themed mini-games includes tons of recipes that help kids learn organization for cooking. There's plenty to do and a lot of extra material to unlock. Introduce kids to cooking routines with clever, surprisingly detailed cooking challenges.

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Power Tip

  • After using Time Timer for a while with your kids, challenge them to estimate different amounts of time without using the app.