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Bob Books #1 - Reading Magic  Poster Image

This great interactive book has kids drag letters to the right place below a picture as the letters and words are sounded out. Kids will delight as the black-and-white screen changes to color and drawings animate. Adults can customize settings to suit kids' phonics knowledge and reading level.

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First Words Deluxe  Poster Image

Each screen gives kids an object and a word to spell. They have to drag and drop letters into the right slots. When the word is complete, a voice spells and says the word, and the next word appears. Lots of options let adults tailor the experience to match kids' skills and preferences.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Fun With Directions HD  Poster Image

This easy-to-use, interactive app can help kids understand a variety of directional concepts. Three levels meet a variety of needs for kids with cognitive or intellectual disabilities.

Go Read  Poster Image

Android users with Bookshare can now access their books right from their device. With several customization features, this app helps kids access a wide variety of texts.

iTrace - handwriting for kids  Poster Image

Looking for a way to practice letter writing? Tracing can help kids with dysgraphia, visual spatial-relation issues, and fine motor issues. The app includes fun rewards and animations to encourage kids to keep progressing.



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Power Tip

  • Once kids learn new skills with tools like FirstWords: Deluxe, extend learning into home or school. Find the same words in the home or classroom, and match the letters.