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Writing can carry all sorts of challenges, so sometimes speaking ideas aloud can help. Though it may not recognize really topic-specific language, for shorter, simpler pieces, it may be a perfect fit.

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This interactive reading and spelling app presents a 12-page book, which can be played on four different levels. On each page, kids spell most of the words in each sentence, one at a time. The four difficulty levels make this a customizable tool for kids with reading challenges.

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With this outstanding library of digital books, kids can hear as well as see words, allowing them to be more independent. The app includes great customization options and popular titles. Membership is available to kids with qualifying print disabilities.

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While having books to read is helpful, kids also need access to text online and documents that are shared with them. This app reads these other types of text to kids and lets them customize many features.

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With this tool, kids can take a picture of text and have it read to them in a variety of languages. Using a finger to highlight, kids can choose how much of the scanned text they want to hear, and various reading voices are available.

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Power Tip

  • Help kids keep track of any new or unfamiliar words they encounter. Encourage them to practice writing the words using iA Writer or create custom spelling lists with Word Wizard