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Between the Lines Level 2  Poster Image

The advanced version of Between the Lines Level 1 targets middle and high school kids who have trouble deciphering social cues and idioms by showing them situations they might encounter (curfew, for example). Supervision and discussion will extend the skills.

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Teens can learn how to engage with their peers on a range of age-appropriate topics, including bullying, entertainment, sports, sarcasm, relationships, and school. This can be a good tool for kids with ASD.

Kidzworld  Poster Image

This online social network for tweens and teens is a great way for kids to make friends and practice everyday interactions in a safe environment. Parents are notified when kids join; staff moderators approve the photos, videos, and articles that kids post.

Sym  Poster Image

Clever platform puzzler addresses social anxiety disorder through central character Josh, touching on his real-world doubts and fears and his internal conflicts and requiring some problem-solving to get him from Point A to Point B.

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Wonderful Days - Diary with Style  Poster Image

Wonderful Days -- Diary with Style is an excellent app for making multimedia diary entries. Kids can create notes associated with different days and add photos, sound recordings, and their location (enabling location services is optional). It’s a wonderful option for self-expression.

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Power Tip

  • Reinforce skills by inviting friends, siblings, or other family members to play with kids using the same social learning apps, websites, or games.