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Between the Lines Level 1  Poster Image

Kids learn to read nonverbal cues in social situations by interpreting body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Situations are presented in video clips. Beneficial for kids with autism spectrum disorder or other kids who have trouble reading social cues.

Calm Counter Social Story & Anger Management Tool  Poster Image

Having strategies for handling anxiety and anger in positive ways is essential for independence. Calm Counter helps kids with anxiety or anger issues learn self-awareness as they begin to identify when they need a break and practice calming down.

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ConversationBuilder  Poster Image

Kids who struggle with peer interactions can learn to initiate conversations, respond in conversations, and participate in group discussions with this engaging app. Kids with ASD can rehearse and learn from mistakes by using the included scripts or customized interactions.

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Discovering Emotions with Zeely  Poster Image

This engaging app uses friendly characters to help kids learn how to differentiate facial features and see how they coincide with emotions. Using repetition and an intergalactic theme, the app may be appealing for kids on the autism spectrum.

Emotionary by Me.Mu  Poster Image

Kids are guided through diary entries using photos, images from the Internet, audio, and text. The tool, designed for kids on the autism spectrum, is a creative way to help kids identify emotions.



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Power Tip

  • Once kids learn new social skills with apps and games like Feel Electric! and Social Adventures, encourage them to use apps like DoodleBuddy to practice and share those skills.