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This research-based tool provides humorous videos of people in a variety of social situations and asks kids questions about them. For kids who struggle with personal interaction, this is a fun way to introduce some important social cues.

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Text-heavy social scripts for kids who struggle with social interactions. Suggestions guide them through, for example, talking on the phone and asking a teacher for help. Also addresses body language and fostering common interests. Best used with an adult.

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Some kids need direct instruction on social skills like initiating play, respecting other kids’ personal space, and interpreting humor. Each activity here helps kids gain confidence and success in navigating these types of social situations.

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On three levels, kids learn and apply knowledge about social interactions and reactions based on what's "expected" and "unexpected." They also get to practice perspective-taking and predicting what might happen next as they watch videos of real kids in social situations.

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Friendly characters help kids who struggle with day-to-day social skills in this absolutely engaging app that uses a variety of real-life scenarios to help kids make independent choices.



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Power Tip

  • Once kids learn new social skills with apps and games like Feel Electric! and Social Adventures, encourage them to use apps like DoodleBuddy to practice and share those skills.