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Friendly characters help kids who struggle with day-to-day social skills in this absolutely engaging app that uses a variety of real-life scenarios to help kids make independent choices.

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Kids with expressive and receptive language deficits can practice social skills in 16 common situations, using realistic, engaging, and helpful preloaded responses. Scenarios are specific and provide sentence starters.

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Kids will take stock of their thoughts and feelings, breathe through guided meditations, and think with increased kindness and compassion for the world. This can be a powerful app for kids with ADHD and ASD.

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Time Timer displays a red disk that quietly gets smaller as time passes. Kids learn that when the red is gone, time is up! This app is perfect for any kid who wants to know "How long?" but has trouble understanding a spoken answer.

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Playing these engaging games with others can help kids increase their social skills. These skills, such as knowing how to take turns, are extremely helpful for kids with autism.

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Power Tip

  • Once kids learn new social skills with apps and games like Feel Electric! and Social Adventures, encourage them to use apps like DoodleBuddy to practice and share those skills.