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Big Victory for Student Privacy in Delaware

Congratulations to our Delaware advocates for their "For Kids" legislative victory on student privacy!

Delaware just took a huge step forward in protecting students' sensitive information. On Friday, Governor Jack Markell signed SB 79 into law. This legislation provides a framework to keep students' information out of the hands of those with potential negative intent in the education technology industry.

As technology becomes more and more vital to kids' education, it's important that states put in place common-sense protections for students' privacy -- and this bill does just that. The gist of the law is that new apps and software must be incorporated into classrooms in ways that maintain and protect student privacy.

It's a pretty simple idea: Any information collected at schools about students has no business being used for anything other than educational purposes.

Unfortunately, that's not the case in the majority of states. In most cases, there are no clear rules in place to govern the use and collection of sensitive student information.

We're working with state legislatures and national policymakers to change that. You can join the fight by signing up to be a Kids Action advocate.

Delaware is one of 13 states to introduce student privacy legislation in 2015 that shares elements with SOPIPA –- a bill strongly favored by Common Sense Kids Action.

The work we've done in Delaware –- along with Oregon, New Hampshire, and a handful of other states –- is building momentum for a national fight to protect kids from education technology companies that are looking to make money from selling students' data.

Delaware's legislation, and the laws like it passed across the country, are a great start, but there's still a ton of work ahead of us.

If you want to do your part in protecting kids' privacy, sign up to be a Common Sense Kids Action advocate today.

Gaby Mercer-Slomoff