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Bring Common Sense to SXSW 2022

Vote for our sessions in SXSW PanelPicker through August 26!

SXSW and SXSW EDU return to Austin in March 2022. The annual conference and festival brings together participants from around the world to discuss issues at the convergence of tech, film, music, education, and culture. Over the last 35 years, the conference has become a destination for thought leaders to share, create, learn, and innovate together. Voting is now open for PanelPicker, and we're asking for your support in helping Common Sense once again bring its insights to the SXSW community.

This year a number of the themes at SXSW and SXSW EDU align with the focus of our work at Common Sense, including the need for cooperation and partnership to end inequities and effect real change, and the need for creative solutions to balance innovation and regulation in the evolving media landscape. We've proposed sessions on topics that cover a spectrum of issues related to the role technology needs to play to ensure safe, healthy, and empowered digital lives for all kids, including new research into race and representation in kids' media, privacy on streaming devices, the need for civic learning in our schools, and advocating for digital well-being, among others. You can learn more about each session below.

The PanelPicker process allows the public to vote on the sessions they feel are both interesting and important to moving the discussion forward. Even if you don't plan to attend SXSW, you can still vote! To vote, simply visit, make an account, and use the links below to learn more and vote up the Common Sense sessions.

  • Advocates for Youth and Digital Well-Being This SXSW EDU session will bring together advocates for youth well-being and media and technology to brainstorm the best ways to support young people and their digital well-being.

  • Accessible, Tech-Powered Family Engagement This SXSW EDU session will share our insights into how to leverage technology to remove the barriers between family and educator engagement.

  • Building a Blueprint for US Technology Policy This SXSW session will outline the recommendations the Future of Tech Commission has made to the Biden Administration that ensures a technology policy that works for all Americans.

  • Edtech Collaborations to Bridge the Digital Divide This SXSW EDU session will explore how collaborative efforts with edtech solutions, open learning resources, unique access models, and community feedback can expand learning – without the Internet.

  • Education as a Service: Student Privacy in 2021 This SXSW EDU session will share our research into the privacy policies of over 200 popular edtech tools to understand how they are -- and are not -- putting our privacy first.

  • EdTech Privacy Meetup This SXSW EDU meet up will bring together educators, curriculum developers, and anyone else interested in understanding how to evaluate EDTech tools for privacy, security and safety.

  • Financial Literacy for People, Not Profit This SXSW EDU session will explore how to teach a more realistic approach to financial literacy.

  • Protecting Privacy in a (Streaming) Digital Divide This SXSW session will share our research into the privacy policies of the major streaming apps and devices to better understand how they are putting our privacy -- and our kids' privacy -- at risk.

  • Rescuing Democracy: Civic Engagement is Our Future This SXSW EDU panel will explore how we can build better civic education and empower students to be the change.

  • See It, Be It: Diversity in Kids' Media This SXSW session will share new research from Common Sense on race and representation in kids' media, and will unpack how media representations and depictions impact children's sense of self and how they think about their own ethnicity/race as well as the ethnicity/race of others.

Marisa Naughton

Marisa Naughton is senior director of marketing and communications at Common Sense. She leads communications and thought leadership, as well as marketing for our advocacy and research efforts.