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How You Can Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

Download the free guide to protect your child's identity and safeguard your credit.

Identity theft affects many millions of Americans and costs billions of dollars each year. It can destroy credit scores, ruin job prospects, and make it impossible to take out a loan for school.

And unfortunately, the most attractive targets of identity theft are those whose futures are most at stake: our children.

Sensitive information about children is widely available, and data breaches and hacks, including of children's information, are likely to continue to grow. That's why I was proud to join California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin at a press conference last week to announce the release of a new guide to help parents protect their children under the age of 16 from becoming the victims of identity theft.

Download the free guide

The guide helps parents place a "security freeze" on credit records in their child's name, one of the strongest defenses against certain types of identity theft. Previously available only to California adults, the freeze option has now been extended to children under the age of 16 as the result of a law that Assemblymember Irwin authored last year and Common Sense Kids Action supported with a #ForKids rating.

As an organization that champions the privacy of everyone -- especially our children -- Common Sense Kids Action is proud to be a partner in continuing efforts to ensure kids are not the victims of the devastating harm identity theft can have for years to come.

Check out the guide, available in English and Spanish, to learn more about the tools available to parents to help them protect their kids' identity and safeguard their credit.

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