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What we're doing to close the homework gap

Kids Action pushes forward on broadband for low-income kids and their parents.

Topics: Digital Divide

A top priority for Common Sense Kids Action is leveling the playing field so all kids and families, regardless of ZIP code, can benefit from high-speed broadband at home, something most of us take for granted but that is not available in millions of homes.

Today, we wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission encouraging them to make much-needed reforms to a 30-year-old program that has the potential to deliver broadband to homes that don't have it. This will help kids do their homework -- at home! -- and help their parents and guardians look for work, apply for jobs, and increase their participation in society.

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Danny Weiss

Danny Weiss is Chief Advocacy Officer at Common Sense. In this role, he oversees all advocacy operations. He brings nearly three decades of service on Capitol Hill, most recently as chief of staff to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Danny first joined Common Sense in 2015 and returned again in 2020, and has led efforts to close the digital divide, protect children's online data privacy, hold tech companies accountable for online practices that harm kids, and expand access to and awareness of the child tax credit to lift children out of poverty.