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Why are tax-free diapers a commonsense idea?

Diapers are a necessity for all parents with babies, so no one should have to struggle to afford a sufficient supply.

This holiday season, low-income families with babies who live in Washington, D.C., are one step closer to getting a small but important gift, thanks to a bill approved by the city council and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Known as the diaper-tax bill, the measure exempts diapers from sales tax, just as several other states have done in recognizing the importance of making diapers more affordable for all families; it improves the physical and mental health of low-income babies and their economically strapped parents and guardians.

Earlier this year we asked you to show your support to the D.C. city council and the mayor, and you did. Now, we need your help one more time: There is one more crucial step to add diapers to the list of items deemed "essential" and thus tax-free, a list that currently includes food, medicine, and even Viagra. Because D.C. still is not a state, for a bill to become a law in D.C., it must be:

  • Passed by the city council (check!)
  • Signed by the mayor (check!)
  • Approved by Congress (not yet)

Congress has 30 days from the time the mayor signs the bill to disapprove it or it goes into law.

Unfortunately, Congress often meddles unfairly in D.C. affairs, and we don't want to see them do that here. If all goes well, families in D.C. will have one less thing to worry about by the time the next city budget takes effect in October of 2017. Your voice makes a difference to kids in low-income families. Thank you for your involvement and for taking this easy step on this important issue.

Click here to learn more and to see how you can make your views known to Congress on behalf of kids in D.C.

Allie Littleton