Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Big Data

Behavioral Ads Are Bad for Kids
We have all learned that "free" comes at a price -- often, to our privacy.  For years, the costs of apps and services have been subsidized by their users' information, feeding an ad-supported model... read more
Joe Jerome
Director, Platform Accountability and State Advocacy
Strengthened Washington Privacy Act Shows Potential to Compromise
Last week, the Washington House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee took a big step toward providing new online and offline privacy rights to Washingtonians, ensuring better data security, and... read more
Will Congress and Tech Leaders Step Up to Help Keep Kids Safe Online?
In the wake of a tumultuous election and a yearlong pandemic, congressional leaders are examining with renewed focus the role technology plays in our society. This week, leaders from Facebook, Google... read more
What Lawmakers Need to Know About Protecting Privacy
In the absence of a strong national privacy law, state houses across the United States have seen a flurry of bills that aim to provide new online and offline privacy rights to residents, better data... read more
Why Facebook's "App Developer Investigation" Needs Investigating
For years, Common Sense has asked lawmakers and regulators to investigate how Facebook treats young people, and championed safeguards to ensure big tech players like Facebook are transparent with... read more
Quiz: Do You Know Kids' Privacy?
Kids' digital privacy is a hot topic these days, but did you know that kids have had special privacy protections online for 20 years? As families around the United States began to come online in the... read more
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Making Digital Well-Being a Habit
Digital well-being is about making sure that we have control, understanding, and trust when it comes to the role tech plays in our lives. It's about asking ourselves, as parents, as educators, as... read more
Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Will the California Legislature Demand That Tech Protect Kids' Privacy?
There is great news coming out of California for families concerned about digital well-being. A new bill, co-sponsored by Common Sense, has been introduced to help protect consumers' data privacy and... read more


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