Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Includes $3.5 Billion in Discretionary Funds in State Budget

We applaud Governor Jerry Brown for a state budget that puts kids first. By Kids Action Team
Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Includes $3.5 Billion in Discretionary Funds in State Budget

Governor Jerry Brown's revised budget is very good news for California's kids and schools. The state is paying back years of old debt to schools and offering billions of additional dollars for public schools and community colleges. We applaud Governor Brown for recognizing that California must continue to take steps to ensure that kids and education are a critical focus and top priority in the state's budget.

We strongly support the governor's proposal to direct $3.5 billion in discretionary funds to schools so they can make critical investments in teachers' professional development, purchase updated instructional materials, and upgrade technology for the implementation of the state's academic standards. We also support the proposed new investments in career pathways and workforce development that will greatly benefit California's children and the state at large.

Legislative leaders, including Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, have proposed additional ideas to fund essential early childhood development programs. As the final stage of these budget negotiations gets under way, we encourage the governor and legislative leaders to continue to look for ways to make younger kids a priority in their spending decisions. We are especially pleased that the governor and legislators are seeking to create a California Earned Income Tax Credit.

The last several years have been very tough for Californians and particularly for their children and families, but the state has turned a corner. Now is the time to make strategic investments in the future, which means in our kids -- and everything that affects their development. From training teachers and wiring classrooms to full-day, full-year quality preschool opportunities for all low-income 4-year-olds, this is our opportunity to return California to being one of the strongest economies in the world by investing in our future: our kids.

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