Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority


Move Fast and Fix Facebook for Kids
Update: June 11, 2018 In response to the recent Facebook data breach, Common Sense Kids Action filed a follow-up letter with the FTC asking that, as the FTC investigates the Cambridge Analytica data... read more
Ariel Fox Johnson
Senior Counsel, Policy & Privacy
How to Be Smarter Than Alexa
Last holiday season, did any new "smart" devices make it into your home? Maybe you got an Amazon Echo or a Google Home -- or a wireless baby monitor, or a fridge that reminds you when you're low on... read more
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Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week in California
On Oct. 17, I joined California Assembly Member Ed Chau for a Digital Citizenship Roundtable in Alhambra as part of a celebration for Digital Citizenship Week in the state. In 2016, Assembly Member... read more
25 Ways Your Voice Made a Difference for California Kids
With hundreds of calls and emails to policymakers, "For Kids" advocates like you made your voices heard loud and clear in Sacramento this year. And now that Gov. Brown has dotted the i's and crossed... read more
How You Can Protect Your Child From Identity Theft
Identity theft affects many millions of Americans and costs billions of dollars each year. It can destroy credit scores, ruin job prospects, and make it impossible to take out a loan for school. And... read more
Calling for Clarity on School Cell Phone Searches
For many teachers, the start of a school year brings a mix of old and new: new students, new classroom supplies, old textbooks, and probably an old mix of excitement tinged with trepidation about how... read more
Tampons, Teachers, and Teddy Bears, Oh, My!
Last year, Common Sense Kids Action launched our legislative ratings tool to cut through the noise in Sacramento and give parents, educators, and other advocates the information they need to advocate... read more
Good and Bad Toys for Families
The Teddy Bear and Toaster Bill (SB 327), authored by California State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, would help inform consumers about the basic privacy and security practices of devices on the market... read more


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