California Families Speak Up for Privacy

California Becomes First State to Strengthen Consumer Data Privacy Protections By Elizabeth Galicia
California Families Speak Up for Privacy

One week ago, we asked for your help. Now, the historic passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act means consumers in the state will begin to take control of their personal online data. Thanks to the voices of hundreds of parents, educators, and advocates across California, we were able to send a message to our lawmakers loud and clear: It's time to stand up for the privacy rights of kids and families.

A recent Common Sense poll found that nine in 10 parents and teens want greater privacy protections. This law is a first step in protecting kids and all consumers, but in many ways the work has just begun: We must ensure that the rights gained by the law are not eroded and that the Attorney General's office has the resources and guidance it needs to be its robust enforcer. We also need to help you, consumers in California, to understand what these new rights mean for you and the ones you love.

What does the new law mean for you? It will go into effect in 2020, and once it does you will be able to access the personal information companies collect about you -- and opt out of the sale of that data. Kids under 16 must opt in before their data is ever sold. All these details are still to come, and Common Sense will make sure you're in the know and ready to take action to protect your privacy when the law goes into effect.

Over the next year, we'll be working with advocates, lawmakers, and industry to strengthen these protections and continue to work on meaningful reforms to improve the digital well-being of kids and families. We're here to fight for an internet that allows you and your family to thrive. Join us. Your voice and your support make our work possible.

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Parent written by Lisa C.

How does this apply to kids using Google Education at their public school? Will parents/children be asked to opt in or out? I realize that Google states that it does not sell kids information, but that has been challenged...and then there is the strong possibility that their accounts could get hacked. Thank you for the information, in advance.


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