Celebrate Safer Internet Day with Digital Citizenship

Common Sense proudly advocates for digital citizenship. In honor of Safer Internet Day, take a moment to check out some of our blogs on the subject! By Amy Bortnick
Celebrate Safer Internet Day with Digital Citizenship

Today Kids Action is celebrating Safer Internet Day and, with teens using media an average of nine hours a day, there's no better time to have the conversation with your kids and students about how to be good digital citizens and safely navigate the digital world.

Our three platforms here at Common Sense -- Media, Education, and Kids Action -- have all blogged about teaching kids good digital citizenship to help keep them safe online. We've compiled a few of them here:

Introducing Digital Compass: Where is your tween headed?
Sending Digital Citizenship Home
Policymakers Considering Digital Citizenship Legislation in 2016

Technology is a powerful tool for learning, communicating, and sharing. However, navigating it safely is not innate in children and it's up to us to teach them.

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