Common Sense Announces 9 More Bills in Congress That Are "For" or "Against" Kids

Common Sense Legislative Ratings help you learn about bills that impact kids and hold your legislators accountable. By Danny Weiss
Common Sense Announces 9 More Bills in Congress That Are "For" or "Against" Kids

Earlier this year, Common Sense Kids Action introduced our federal Common Sense Legislative Ratings, designed to highlight bills in Congress that affect the core building blocks of opportunity for kids and rate them either "For Kids" or "Against Kids."

We've just released our second round of federal ratings to address new developments in Congress, which we will do at least once a quarter. We encourage you to visit the tool as an easy option to stay informed and connect with their legislators by phone or email.

Since the founding of Common Sense Media, parents and teachers alike have trusted our ratings to help them make informed decisions about movies, apps, books, and education technology for their kids. Now, parents, teachers, and others concerned about the future of our kids can use our legislative ratings to hold legislators accountable for how their actions will impact America's kids. We specifically seek out bills that falls under our four key policy areas: high-quality early childhood, 21st-century schools, positive media and technology, and support for families.

This second round of federal ratings includes seven "For Kids" bills that would improve kids' schools, protect their internet privacy and health care coverage, and increase their access to high-speed broadband. However, we also include two "Against Kids" bills that would undermine kids' health and take away their access to a safe place to play. Our list is regularly updated and publicized to our advocate members.

Here are two of our recent "For Kids" bills:

  • HR 2353. Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act of 2017: This bipartisan bill, recently passed in the U.S. House, prepares kids for future careers by reauthorizing the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act of 2006, which provides federal funds to state career and technical education programs.
  • HR 2356/S 694. MY DATA Act of 2017: This bill would protect internet privacy for kids and families by allowing the Federal Trade Commission to establish privacy rules for both internet service providers and edge providers.

Our "Against Kids" bills are:

  • HR 968. Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act of 2017: This bill would end work to curb the impact of pollution for low-income kids by forbidding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund local environmental justice programs.
  • HR 1314. Renewable Fuel Standard Elimination Act: This bill would turn back the clock on our efforts to stop pollution by repealing the EPA's renewable fuel standards program. Kids are especially vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution.

See Full List of Federal Bills

By alerting parents and teachers to developments in Congress, we hope to ensure that lawmakers do more to make kids their No. 1 priority.

Kids don't have a voice in public policy, but by working together we can make a positive difference in their lives. Join our efforts to make kids our nation's top priority -- become a Kids Action Advocate today!

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