Common Sense Kids Action joins effort to fund pre-K in Massachusetts

Common Sense Kids Action joins effort to fund pre-K in Massachusetts

Did you know that $1 invested in preschool results in $17 in savings? That's thanks in large part to the lower amounts of juvenile delinquency, remedial programs, and obesity and public health issues of kids who participated in a quality pre-K program. That is exactly why Common Sense Kids Action has jointed the Massachusetts Pre K for MA coalition. The goal is to ensure that all Massachusetts children have the opportunity to succeed in school and in life -- starting with pre-K. The Massachusetts bill that we are supporting would provide high-quality pre-K to all 3- and 4-year-olds living in low-performing districts in Massachusetts, and it is modeled after a successful program in New Jersey (the Abbott preschool program), which has helped to narrow the achievement gap in those communities. Every child needs to have the right start in life, and access to quality early education is critical. We are proud to stand with the partner organizations that have joined the Pre K for MA campaign and encourage you to visit the coalition website at

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