Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Connected Classrooms

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
Sixteen million students were left offline at the start of the pandemic, but we're closer to connecting them than ever before. Families who need help paying for the internet at home now can get help... read more
Branching out on STEM Education
Recently scientists and science enthusiasts were excited to witness the first ever image of a black hole, thanks to the good work of Dr. Katherine Bouman, a 29-year-old scientist who created the... read more
Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week in California
On Oct. 17, I joined California Assembly Member Ed Chau for a Digital Citizenship Roundtable in Alhambra as part of a celebration for Digital Citizenship Week in the state. In 2016, Assembly Member... read more
Are your child's privacy and data at school safe?
Another school year begins. For kids, it's time for a few new school supplies, new classes, and new friends. For parents? It's time for permission slips to sign and other forms to read and fill out.... read more
Kids Action "Broadband at School and at Home" Campaign Expands with ConnectHome Partnership
The Kids Action campaign to expand access to affordable high-speed Internet in schools and homes took a big step forward this month when U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)... read more
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