Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority


Ariel Fox Johnson
Senior Counsel, Policy & Privacy
Improving COPPA: A Road Map for Protecting Kids' Privacy in 2020 and Beyond
We're only a few weeks into the new decade, and kids' privacy protections are already in focus for families and policymakers. Following a year where regulators started putting companies on notice,... read more
Quiz: Do You Know Kids' Privacy?
Kids' digital privacy is a hot topic these days, but did you know that kids have had special privacy protections online for 20 years? As families around the United States began to come online in the... read more
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Congress Acts to Better Protect Kids' Privacy
By now, you've probably heard that, unlike Europe, the U.S. has no general privacy laws outside specific areas like health, education, or finance, which is largely true. But the U.S. does broadly... read more
What We Can Learn from Companies' COPPA Settlements
Few of us understand exactly all the ways advertisers and other third parties track us on the web, collecting lots of information that can be used to profile and target us with specific products and... read more
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