Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Do Not Track Kids

How You Can Protect Your Child From Identity Theft
Identity theft affects many millions of Americans and costs billions of dollars each year. It can destroy credit scores, ruin job prospects, and make it impossible to take out a loan for school. And... read more
How safe are the devices in your kid’s school and home?
You have a list of your child's teachers and classes. You've figured out the bus schedule or carpool arrangement. You've even glanced at the lunch schedule. But how about this one: Do you know what... read more
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JR Starrett
(Formerly) Senior Director of National Advocacy
Illinois Legislature Sends Geolocation Privacy Bill to Governor
We encourage Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to sign HB 3449, the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act, into law. If signed, this bill will safeguard the privacy of children in the state by protecting the... read more
Ariel Fox Johnson
Senior Counsel, Policy & Privacy
New Report: "Inside the Kids' Privacy Zone"
For over a decade, Common Sense has helped kids, families, educators, businesses, and policymakers navigate the rapidly changing technology world, including protecting kids' privacy. Since we started... read more
Good and Bad Toys for Families
The Teddy Bear and Toaster Bill (SB 327), authored by California State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, would help inform consumers about the basic privacy and security practices of devices on the market... read more
No excuses: Families deserve secure smart devices
The Teddy Bear and Toaster Bill (SB 327), authored by California State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, was introduced last month. It has a simple goal: bring much-needed basic security and privacy... read more
What We Can Learn from Companies' COPPA Settlements
Few of us understand exactly all the ways advertisers and other third parties track us on the web, collecting lots of information that can be used to profile and target us with specific products and... read more
California Governor Signs Bill to Help Families Fight Identity Theft
Update: We're thrilled to report that on September 23, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1580, a bill from Assembly Members Mike Gatto (D) and Jacqui Irwin (D) that requires... read more


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